Impact in the Humanities

As many of you may know, part of UMIH’s programming this year is the “Futures in the Humanities” series.  The purpose of this series is to explore a number of the key challenges and opportunities facing the humanities and humanities scholarship today.   Our main aim is to provide an initial forum for some tough-minded reflection and balanced, inclusive conversation on a range of complicated issues that, it is hoped, will carry on across campus and beyond the parameters of this series.

The next series of the series will be held at 8:30 am Wednesday November 2nd in 409 Tier.  Yep, 8:30 am.  We received literally many requests for more early morning events, and we responded.  If early mornings are not your thing, don’t worry, we will be supplying plenty of coffee (from Degrees, so it’s the good stuff) and a light breakfast.  More importantly though, we will be discussing the energizing matter of how to assess impact in the humanities.  Our guest speaker will be Gauri Sreenivasan, Director of Policy and Programs, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.  She will be discussing the Federation’s working paper “The Impacts of Humanities and Social Science Research” (2014 – see link below), as well as the Federation’s follow up report, the research for which is ongoing, affording us an opportunity to perhaps help influence its final shape.  However that may be, it is sure to be an interesting and lively discussion.  Please join us.

The Impacts of Humanities and Social Science Research


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