Star Trek: Discovery is a Darker Star Trek for our Times, but is That a Good Thing?

Friends of the UMIH will know that our TV, film and culture critic is a hopeless Star Trek nerd.  We love him for it.  He has been buzzing about the office for the past week in anticipation of the new series, Star Trek: Discovery.  It is set 10 years before the original 1966 series, and it is a Star Trek that is altogether darker, full of war, racial tension and a demagogue bent on making Klingons great again. In other words, it is a Star Trek for our times. But as the Guardian’s Stephen Kelly asks, is this what Gene Roddenberry would have wanted?  What of the hope and optimism that were such defining features of the original series?  Last November the UMIH’s Paul Jenkins touched on many of these questions in a piece for the hUManities blog, and in light of the new discussion arising our this new series and to help you get your geek on, we have decided to repost it here.

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